Lawrence D. Dietz

Lawrence (Larry) Dietz, is a nationally recognized expert in the areas of cyber security, cyber warfare, information security and intellectual property. Larry is a licensed attorney and also provides litigation and legal support to our clients in these matters.   Larry is a recognized authority in compliance and has lectured nationally and internationally on topics such as SOX, PII and other critical issues related to Cyber and Electronic Commerce. 

 Larry’s experience spans:

  • 32 years of market analysis for information security products and services
  • 30 years of diversified military and commercial information security
  • 20 years legal experience with an emphasis on high technology and Internet legal matters
  • 6 years information security corporate strategy for Symantec
  • 2 years adjunct professor American Military University

 Larry brings a unique blend of expertise to our clients.  As a retired Army Reserve Colonel specializing in intelligence and PSYOPS, he has over 30 years of diversified military and commercial information and cyber security experience.  This unique knowledge combined with the thought leadership of academia enables Larry to bring varied approaches and solutions to clients’ challenges.

 Larry’s Career Highlights:

  • Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, Intelligence and PSYOP (Retired)
  • Served as Senior Director of Government Strategy and Solutions for Symantec Corporation
  • Key analyst roles at Zona Research, Frost & Sullivan; and Giga Information Group
  • Subject Matter Expert; Defense Information School
  • Published a wide array of articles and reports and is a sought-after speaker
  • Lectured on internationally critical legal issues related to Cyber warfare, the Internet and Electronic Commerce

 Securing electronic assets, responding to a full spectrum of cyber threats and managing perception of the organization by media, customers, investors and others are some of the key areas he is focused on.

 As a Managing Director at TAL Global, Larry works with our clients on a range of issues, including: 

  • CyberSecurity / CyberWar
  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Information Business Continuity Planning
  • Counter-Terrorism (PSYOP)
  • International Legal & Regulation Compliance
  • Data Privacy
  • Public Relations/Public Affairs
  • Business Continuity & Emergency Response